As a therapist, I am passionately interested in how health and wellbeing is influenced by our environment and the social context of our lives.

Whatever brings you to therapy, I aim to be sensitive to this wider context:  the physical, cultural and social landscape which forms the backdrop of our therapeutic relationship, and our journey together.

Whilst I work with clients on a wide range of issues I have a particular interest and expertise in supporting people with:

  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties.
  • Recovering from traumatic events, including rape, domestic violence and sexual, physical or emotional abuse.
  • Relationship problems.
  • Work Stress.
  • Sleep difficulties & chronic insomnia.
  • Adjusting to life transitions or major changes – e.g. divorce, bereavement, chronic illness.
  • Self-harm and compulsive behaviour.
  • Voice hearing, visions and similar sensory experiences.
  • Dissociative experiences.
  • Inner critical voices.
  • Confusion over identity and sense of self.
  • Experiences of aloneness, loneliness and solitude.
  • Creativity and overcoming creative blocks.
  • Living as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).
  • Exploring Motherhood, including experiences of struggle, ambivalence, regret, social pressure, or indecision around whether or not to have children.